Photographers are looking to create the perfect picture. That’s why they get hired. Many times the object of interest is centered smack dab in the middle; occasionally it’s off-center. I’m not a professional photographer. But I do teach and blog about graphical design editing of images, photos, and graphics. And I edit a lot of images for all kinds of purposes. When photo’s and images aren’t for family or personal reasons, how images are edited depends on the final use. It’s fun to edit images into something unique and eye-catching for a project, website, printed media, or social media post…

Learning what a good work-life balance is was a hard lesson for me (courtesy of Canva).

I worked for over twenty years in the corporate world, the first seven years in engineering and the remaining in information technology. I’d made the career move right about the time I got married, realizing I needed a change. I wasn’t even aware of the term work-life balance. I was focused on finding work I liked and a job I wanted.

To put this in perspective I have to go back in time. As a child, my father worked at the local university. Every spring, the university had an open house, allowing potential students and their parents to visit the…

Some personal milestones arrive in unexpected ways

Freelancing requires a little risk, a lot of motivation, and long-term perseverance (courtesy of Pixabay/Canva).

I doubt my nieces own pantyhose, and I don’t hold it against them. But at one point in my worker bee career, I was required to wear them with a business suit consisting of a skirt, jacket, and top. Thank goodness these days, the dress code has changed. Because frankly I always hated wearing pantyhose. In my opinion, they are torture devices conceived before my time by a man named Allen Gant and sold to females as a way to make ourselves look better. …

One blogger’s perspective on how to improve your english writing skills.

How to improve your English writing skills. (image courtesy of Canva).

No, it’s not practice. While the saying practice makes it perfect, we practice everything we do in one way or another. Practice is a given, from the time we’re babies learning to walk or young children playing our first sport. When I first got married, I practiced my cooking on my poor husband. He rarely complained because even though my skills were not at a five-star chef level, his best-made meal was turkey and swiss on rye. So I’m assuming you’re already practicing.

Instead, I’m talking about the three…

One bloggers perspective on why WordPress is so hard to use for beginners.

Love it or hate it, WordPress is the defacto standard for blogging.

Wordpress is the de-facto tool of bloggers and many businesses, large and small. You may be wondering whether you should use WordPress or you might be using it and wondering why it so hard to use sometimes. I’ve been working with WordPress since 2010 when I bought my first domain name. The last time I fact checked using Google, there were 75 million WordPress websites on the Internet. Seventy-five million with a capital M. That’s a crap-load of sites. It is by far the most popular content…

One blogger’s perspective on being online.


They say denial is the first step to recovery; I say acceptance is the first step to recovery. Recognizing mistakes and learning from them lets me figure out what went wrong. That leads to creating something much better. A boss of mine once told me that we learn the most when faced with problems. If everything was perfect, we’d sit around with little to do. The guy had 56 patents and trademarks, I kid you not. I use to nickname him MacGyver after the TV series. The man could build something unique with a…

One bloggers perspective on growing your Facebook group

Growing your audience with a Facebook group is a great way to generate free traffic.

In the last few years, Facebook groups have exploded in number. They’re one of the best ways for finding free traffic. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s probably a Facebook group for that. Facebook groups are created for many reasons. If you are looking to grow a new Facebook group as fast as possible think about what you are going to name it. That name is more important than you think. Because you could positively influence how fast it grows by picking a searchable group name.

You may not have thought about it…

One blogger’s perspective on blogging for a living.

With the right expectations, starting a blog can be personally rewarding.

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but can blogging get you there? Maybe. Bloggers are passionate people; they might even be a little obsessed. I think it takes passion and a little obsession to be successful. Because there are times when blogging is hard work. It also takes many skills to build a profitable blog and grow a following. So if a friend wanted to start a blog, this is the advice I’d offer.

Don’t quit your day job — Yet.

In this case, I’d say do as I say and not…

KISS Website Optimization

If you’ve built your blog you face the same issue that millions of blog owners have — what simple website optimization strategy works best?
That answer may depend on what platform your blog is on and whether the hosting company takes care of performance for you. But don’t be fooled and think that there’s nothing you can do to improve the situation. There are several site optimization strategies that everyone should consider; most of these don’t require being a technical wiz with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or any platform you chose.

That said, website performance optimization is part configuration, trial-n-error…

Each of us has a unique perspective to share.

Bloggers often wonder whether their chosen niche is the right one. They see others successfully blogging about it; for some, that confirms it’s a great choice. But for others, they’re easily discouraged, wondering if any contribution on their part will be noticed or appreciated. They wonder whether it’s worth the effort of voicing their opinion, sharing their skill, or offering their ideas. Who doesn’t occasionally wonder whether anyone will want what they have to say or offer? We all have those doubts once in a while.

Martha | Blue Pen Media LLC

Former worker bee at too many places to name. Now a writer and designer. Thanks for reading my pieces. You can learn about me at

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